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Hi! I’m Saffron Soleil, a Filipino American artist, burlesque performer, and model based in Richmond VA. Welcome to my website, where you can learn all about my artist endeavors! You may have seen me on stage somewhere in the US, or as a vending artist at conventions like AwesomeCon and GalaxyCon. I have had a need to express my creativity for as long as I can remember. My career as an artist can be traced as far back as my childhood, where I have distinct memories of imagining expansive dramatic worlds and fantastical stories and then bringing them to life through drawing. I attended Virginia Commonwealth University and received my BFA in Illustration, while simultaneously launching my burlesque career in 2012. I am skilled in illustration, painting, sculpting, digital art, sewing, prop making, and expressing myself through movement. I would love to bring your vision to life or perform for you! Please contact me with any questions or inquiries. 

Digital & Mixed Media Artist

Burlesque Performer & Costumer

Professional Freelance Model

I am a classically trained artist with over a decade of experience in traditional and digital media. I received my B.F.A. in Communication Arts at VCU. Check out my art Instagram at @saffronsoleilsavories!

 I am a burlesque performer based out of Richmond, VA that has traveled all across the United States to perform in festivals, shows and conventions. Check out my burlesque Instagram at @saffronsoleil!

I'm a freelance model that has worked with many photographers and has been featured in several publications. Click to see my modeling portfolio!

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