AwesomeCon lives up to it’s name!

I seriously loved AwesomeCon! I tabled all weekend with the amazing and lovely Brit Austin Illustration!

Tabling always takes a monumental amount of energy but this con really blew me away. I wish I could have gone as a regular con goer cuz the programming looked amazing. I ended up not taking too many pictures since I was hella busy at my booth! (which is great!) But here’s a few pics I took. 

Prints were a new thing for me and it was definitely out of my comfort zone. Coming out of VCU with this horrible chip in my shoulder about illustrations made me not want to ever sell my 2D work. But I sold out of most of my prints! I tried to make sure I just did art that I liked and tried not to make it so precious. But i’m still really proud of myself. The only crazy thing was that Phil LaMarr walked buy my booth and I had completely sold out of my Samurai Jack fanart! We could have had a moment!!!

Overall, I’m so excited at how successful the show was. If you’re new to my website and you’ve come via my business card, welcome! Follow me on instagram to get my WIPs and to see the cool things I’m up to. Next up, researching my next vending opportunity!

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