Kastu Thoughts

So its been a few weeks since i came back from Katsucon 2017 And I’ve had time to digest the event a little. Its been a few years since i attended a con just as a participant! Last i was there, I was vending! And that was really excellent. But this year, I had some last minute plans to just go and hang out as a con goer and i had a really great time, thanks in part to my friend Zadora Zaftig! Check out my instagram @saffronsoleil to see some of what i was up to at Katsucon!

I have to say not only was the con fun (because we kept it low stress AND GrubHub and Lyft are convention GAMECHANGERS,) but i was able to run through this years artist alley. And i am SO IMPRESSED with the amount of work and the quality of work people are able to produce now! The kinds of items and the quality of those products has changed and improved significantly since i last tabled! It was really inspiring.

As an exciting announcement, I have signed up to table at AwesomeCon with my friend and artist Brit Austin and I’m motivated to begin making new content and items to sell. Gonna have to start designing and researching now!

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