Living that Tex Avery Life!

I realize that in order for people to see what I’m up to, I should probably post what I’ve been up to, huh?

One of my most recent commissions and one of the funnest things I’ve drawn in a while! Here’s a screenshot of the thing! My friend Phen came to me and asked if i could draw his girlfriend, the lovely Lily Liqueur, as Tex Avery characters, and I immediately said yes. Apparently, it has always been a dream of Lily’s to be drawn in this style and I was so happy to do it. Phen even got the cutest reaction video and it made it SOOOO worth it. I’m so pleased they liked the piece. 

Updates: Life and Art

Where do I even begin? An apology for such a serious absence, I think.

I am very sorry! I think my last post on here was actually in the midst of some heavy heartbreak for me. On a personal note, Patrick and I had broken up in the spring. I was caught up in the emotional mess of it all, trying to move out, trying to find a new place to live and then trying to secure a good job while still trying to make things.

since then I’ve done a lot and done it pretty damn well if i do say so myself. Patrick and i stayed separated over the summer and began talking again during the fall. We’re back together again, fully committed and i have to say this is the happiest and most open we’ve ever been.

I also started working my first retail job, (just part time) and after Christmas, i have a healthy bank account again! and i can start investing in my art again! it was so hard to create anything when i was so stressed out about paying rent.

So thats whats been going on in my life. Lets bring on some art and projects ive been doing:

SO MUCH BURLESQUE. Ive updated my Performance page here! New videos and photographs from shows!

Rad Rax probably has to be the highlight of my year. Deepa De Jour and Zhora Nova plotted and schemed and in August decided to have a Mad Max Fury Road tribute: RAD RAX: Burlesque on Fury Road!

It. Was. Amazing. I did an act as one of the escaped wives. I got so much positive feedback. I couldnt believe it when people said they cried during my act! We ended up doing this show again in November due to popular demand. I loved everything about this show!!!

There are more photos HERE and more blog posts about it and how the show went if youre interested HERE and HERE!

As fall approached, I helped my sister make the most perfect costume for Halloween and also made myself a pretty excellent after RBR Creepshow outfit.

After Halloween, I was able to work with incredible artist Eva Rocha and model in her heart wrenching installation about human trafficking at InLight2015. I also am very proud of my handmade light up skirt!

I auditioned again for the Boomettes and was met with real challenges and joys. This was my first real opportunity to act and be on stage as a character in KnucklesCracker, a ragtime retelling of the Nutcracker. I was a rat soldier, guys!

Soon I’ll get more cast photos and shots of my full costume. I was asked by director and producer Deanna Danger to design these costumes for 4 of us Boomettes and I’m really proud of how they ended up. My epaulets were huge and also the best, so theres that. We also learned choreography and honestly its just so much fun to be a bad guy. We sold out our shows in Charlottesville, and Falls Church, and i got to perform on the Byrd theater stage again!!! Always makes my heart race!

All of this was happening into fall and winter and I also took some time to doodle some inktober sketches:

I’ll put more in the Sketches page here!

AND THEN EVEN MORE DOODLES over the winter as holiday gifts:

(These are some rough unedited photos, but its because i wanted to document them before i sent them off in the mail.)

As the New Year rolled around, I performed a new routine in which I sang for the first time in stage EVER!

You can see more photos and read a more in depth rant about how I felt about the Nearly Nude Revue HERE! its mostly silly and on Tumblr.

Most recently, I was invited to perform at WabiSabi’s Drag Brunch with Magnolia Jackson Picket Burnside and Candy Pantz! That was a major change up and i learned so much and had SUCH A BLAST!

My next show is Chocolate Lounge In Washington D.C., January 30th! The Facebook event page is HERE! I am THRILLED to be a part of this, representing my Filipina heritage and being on stage with some KICK ASS LADIES. pertty sure this is my first solo performance in D.C. too!

I have Sweethearts for the Arts coming up on Feb 6th coming up as well! Event page is HERE!

I think the best thing i’ve been feeling lately is that i feel like im really coming into my own as a performer. I’m actually having to say “no” to bookings! I never thought id get to that point. My three year burlesque anniversary is coming up. i Have so much to look forward to and do!

Thanks for sticking with me this far into my blog post and with me on my art journey! I’ll try to be more consistent with posts and updates on projects, big and small. Stay warm!

Summertime and adventures are abound!

Gosh, I realize its been a hot minute since I’ve posted! My life went kind of haywire around March/April and so I’ve moved around and have only just now gotten a bit settled again. I have been seeing some old friends and making some news ones, and I’m pleased to say that I have a lot of projects in store for the upcoming summer! But for now, I’ll leave you with some of my favorite subject matter!

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