Sketch dump

I thought I’d share some doodles I did the other night. I actually ended up liking these a lot.

I recently got a simple fountain pen (Patrick bought me this one here) and a sample of lavender scented ink! At the time, I was trying to do some calming exercises and had been doing some coloring pages. But they weren’t really holding my attention and I was still thinking about stuff that stressed me out and bothered me. so I switched to doodling while browsing my tumblr. the lavender ink kind of wafts up as you draw or write and its really pleasant but not strong. I’m hopeful that the use of this pen and sitting down to doodle will help me chill out in the future.

February @ Dr. Sketchy’s: Zhora Nova!

February’s Dr. Sketchy’s session with the inspiring Zhora Nova

SHE KILLED IT YOU GUYS. I had a lot of fun with these doodles. If you’re in the Richmond area, come on down to Dr. Sketchy’s RVA at Fallout! Hosted by Melody Magpie!

In March I’ll be modeling as Medusa! I’m excited and nervous, I’ve always been the observer, never the observed!

Lastly sorry for the watermarks BUT SOMEONE ALREADY WENT AND TOOK MY SKETCHES AND DIDN’T CREDIT ME. shits stupid, don’t do that.

Etsy Updates

Since I had lots of interest at Katsucon (and I almost ran out of business cards!) I’m updating and renewing my listings in my Etsy shop! Please go take a look! For right now, I’m just updating with one item of each category. If there’s more interest, I’ll just go ahead and post all of my jewelry for sale. I have lots of photo examples in My Jewelry section. I also know you can catch me and my work at The Richmond Burlesque Revue’s 4th Anniversary Show on February 28th.

Note that I also have some higher priced items available, made with pearls and other lovely materials. This past summer, I went to volunteer with ChildFund in the Philippines. I brought this stuff home to sell to YOU! Yes, you! And the best part is that 20% of each purchase is going back to Tacloban where Typhoon Yolanda hit last year. I went and worked with ChildFund when I was gone, and I feel its really important to not forget about these areas. I know it seems like the world has moved on, but know that any kind of donation or purchase will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for looking!

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