Katsucon: a new vending experience!

In my early college years, I had attended Katsucon a few times. I kind of missed that world. And I dove right back in this past weekend! I was accepted into the Artist Alley of the convention and I was able to vend Saffron Soleil’s Savories for the very first time at a huge convention! I have some pictures of the cosplay stuff I liked and recognized. (If you see yourself, let me know and I’ll credit you/link to your website/etc! I was very excited to see you!) I cosplayed too. Fairly casual stuff, compared to a lot of other impressive costumes! But it was a pretty interesting weekend, and HUGE learning experience for me. I’m also just so very ticked that many con-goers gave me valentines day cards and candies! It was greatly appreciated and it really brightened my day, especially since I had been sitting at my booth for hours and hours at a time. Big shoutout to Nicole Pisaniello for being my table buddy and all around great friend! I also got some AMAZING art trades this weekend too, From Yumi Lacquers and Non Dairy Confectionery. LOVED their work! I’m so happy to have met the people I’ve met, learn some things, and experience the con with lovely people. Great job everyone! Maybe I’ll see you another year.

(P.S. If you were the Tuxedo Mask in the photo giving my Catbug self a rose, MESSAGE ME! I want to give you a discount to my work because you seriously made my day. I have no idea if anyone will see this message, but I can try!)

Event Updates: MEDUSA

Hey hey hey! So some general updates on whats been happening and where you’ll see me next! I just recently performed in Richmond’s Sweethearts for the Arts benefit show and will be modeling at Dr. Sketchy’s in March. Both of which have a unifying theme: MEDUSA. I love this burlesque act (even if the makeup is a challenge), and its one of my favorite costumes I’ve made so far! I thought it went over really well at Sweethearts for the Arts. And the next time anyone will see it will be at Dr. Skechys at Fallout in RVA! We’re going to make it Ides of March themed, or something haha, but you’ll see it on the fourth Tuesday next month. I’m excited to be a model, I’ve always been on the artist side.


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