December Shows!

To be quite frank, I, for some reason, did not think I would be this busy in the month of December. But its only been two-ish weeks and already I’ve been in two really magical shows! Debuted with my lovely Boomettes at Holidays at the Jefferson and Byrlesque at the Byrd! That was like the highlight of my already exceptional year because we sold out the Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville AND got standing ovations at both venues. FUCKING INCREDIBLE! I remember a couple really nice moments at the Byrd theater. Like when I went to say hi to my partner, a friend of mine AND my mom (who never comes to these things, i was so happy) an older gentleman stopped me and told me he had seen me in several venues and told me i looked stunning. It was just SUCH a sweet compliment! And at the same show, i was onstage performing and i could hear several people yelling my name! I asked my partner if that was our little group and he said no! So i guess that means I’m getting Richmond Famous, hahaha!
While they were in town, I was able to take some lecture classes and workshops at Boom Boom Basics with the incredible Schlep Sisters. I am just blown away by how open and kind they are. And they are such incredible performers! I was really honored and excited to have gotten to spend time with them and get to know some cool tricks and tips.
I carpooled with Puppie Buffe to The Jefferson Theater and that was a really pleasant drive. Charlottesville was fun and nerve-wracking at the same time, just because it was the first show and it was what we were working up towards for ages and ages. we rehearsed all day and when evening came, we met with our VIP ticket holders for a toast! Thanks to Lindy Avalon for being my wingman, she was helping me to flirt with cute people. And for those people who know me, I am ridiculous in social situations like this and suck at subtle flirting. I am not subtle AT ALL.
We killed that show! sold out AND got a standing ovation! It was magical. I was so excited to be able to see everyone bring their A-game. I felt like it was rushing by so fast, I wanted to put all those feelings in a bottle.

Saturday after everyone had returned home to Richmond, The Schlep Sisters held their workshops and I learned a lot about being present in your body while performing from Darlinda Just Darlinda as well as aspects of comedy from Minnie Tonka. I’m excited to say I have already used much of what they taught me within the last few weeks!
Sunday, we all get to the Byrd theater and I feel like it went so smoothly! I am stupidly proud of upping my hair game within the last few weeks because of this show. I’m also stupidly proud of my fellow Boomettes, I felt like this second show went even better! Shoutout to Onyx Storm, who was dancing through a serious case of Bronchitis while still looking fabulous and flawless! I used some of Darlinda’s advice about presence while performing and I was able to just really really enjoy what i was doing up there. I could hear people shouting my name! And it was so incredible.

Overall, I am so very privileged to have been in this show! and its only been about 2 years since i started this wild ride. I want to thank everyone who was involved, no matter how big or small their job was. I truly appreciate all the effort everyone put into these shows. Thank you so much to Deanna Danger for producing an incredible show and THANK YOU for letting me be a part of it. And most of all THANK YOU to the lovely wonderful audiences who came and supported our craft!!!

We had our first full dress rehearsal tonight!

And I’m really pleased about how excellent this show is going to be. I can’t spoil any surprises but I can guarantee this show is going to be cute, funny, and a BLAST to watch! I’m really proud of my burlesque community! Everyone is incredibly talented and creative and I’m like…half intimidated and half excited to be a part of this production with all these sexy cast members.

I also want to point out that VIP ticket holders will get a pre-show party with us beautiful cast people and there are after parties abound! Excited about that too, because that means I’m going to be with my Boomettes and I’ve been sewing together a really pretty dress for myself.

Here’s our FB event page for the Byrlesque at the Byrd After Party!


Pleased a punch about this show! I’m SO excited to be dancing on the Byrd Theater in Carytown! I’ve been working hard with my dance troupe, The Boomettes and Deanna Danger to bring my best to this show.
Presenting, the 3rd Annual “Byrlesque at the Byrd: Holidays at the Movies,” Sunday, December 7th! Richmond’s voted #1 Burlesque Performer, Deanna Danger and her cast of merry miscreants return to The Byrd Theatre for an all new holiday fueled extravaganza that is sure to warm your chestnuts and stuff your stockings in vintage glamour appeal and heartwarming vaudeville comedy! Featuring all new dazzling acts from Virginia’s local favorites and world renowned starlets,The Schlep Sisters hailing all the way from NYC! The 3rd Annual “Holidays at the Movies” gives you a dazzling & enduring take on the classic ‘holiday pageant,’ hosted by “Southern Fried Socialite,” Richmond’s award winning personality, Magnolia Jackson Pickett Burnside!!

The Schlep Sisters
Magnolia Jackson Pickett Burnside
Deanna Danger
Deepa de Jour
Puppie Buffe
Maria Bella
The Boomettes
Melody Magpie
Ellie Quinn
Zhora Nova
Empress D’Naste
& The Filmroasters!

With Byrd Theatre house-organist, Bob Gulledge on the Mighty Wurlitzer Organ!

Plus pre-show feature holiday film montage presented by 2011 Richmond Magazine “Pollak Award” winning director & videographer, Todd Raviotta!

Vendors & raffle prizes!
Vintage or cocktail attire requested!

Doors 7:30pm
Show 8:00pm
And don’t forget to stick around for the afteparty, next door at the New York Deli following the show! Full food and drink menu available, with dancin’ tunes from DJ Scarey Pete!

LOOK AT THAT LINEUP! We are gonna be so cute!!!

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